Now Open Feather Flag Kit


• 7ft Flag on a 7.5ft Pole
• Pole hardware and fiberglass ground stake included
• Perfect for roadside businesses
• Two-sided visibility, mirror-image on back
• Stay-open design for 24-7 readability
• Fast and simple installation
• Wind-directional

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7.5 ft. Feather Flag Kit

Feather Flags are tall, wind-directional advertising flags that consistently stay open, regardless of windspeed, for 24/7 readability. Feather Flags get their name from their feather-like shape, but are also known as advertising flags, sail flags, quill flags, blade flags, and more. These flags draw visitors’ attention with their size and unique shape. The 7.5 ft Feather Flag kit comes with flag, pole hardware, and ground stake to hold the Feather Flag upright outdoors.

How can I use a Feather Flag?

This flag is suitable for organizations of all types. The Feather Flag works well for businesses on busy streets that want to garner the attention of people passing by each day. For businesses with less visibility, a Feather Flag can be effective at denoting your businesses location for visitors and passersby alike.
Because Feather Flags don’t rely on wind, they can be used indoors as well with a slight modification to the base. The ground stake included with the kit cannot be used indoors, so an X-stand or Sand Base must be purchased to hold a Feather Flag upright.

Why Choose a Feather Flag?

Feather Flags are one of the most dependable signage solutions we offer. Their stay-open design means that your flag will consistently display your graphics for passersby to see, no matter what the weather is. Despite their stay-open design, Feather Flags still flutter in the wind because the bottom outer edge of the flag is not attached, allowing it to generate eye-catching movements in the wind.
A final benefit to this style of signage is its ability to be moved and stored. We recommend storing Feather Flags indoors at night to extend their lives. To take a Feather Flag down, all you have to do is lift the flagpole off of the ground stake, with the flag still attached, and store it indoors. In the morning, simply bring the Feather Flag outside and slide it back over the ground stake.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


Pole Height: 90 inches
Flag Height: 84 inches
Flag Width: 28 inches
Total Weight: 64 oz with flagpole and ground stake

Complete kit includes: flag, flagpole, ground stake, and pole hardware


Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Pole Sleeve: Polyester
Flagpole: Aluminum
Flex Tip: Fiberglass
Ground Stake: Fiberglass
Cleat: Plastic