17′ US6 Stars and Stripes Swooper Flag Kit


• Eye-catching movement with unique shape
• Metallic streamers attached to top for more eye-catching movement
• Two-sided visibility, mirror-image on back
• Excellent for outdoor use
• Perfect for roadside businesses
• Fast and simple installation
• Pole hardware and fiberglass ground stake included



Stars & Stripes Swooper Flags

Capture the eye of prospective customers with a lively Swooper Flag. The lightweight polyester used on the Swooper Flag allows it to unfurl with ease and display your message for passersby to see. With three metallic streamers attached at the top of the flagpole, the Swooper Flag is even more eye-catching with a small gust of wind, and dazzles with a strong gust of wind. The Swooper Flag kit comes with flag, pole hardware, metallic streamers, and ground stake to hold the Swooper Flag upright outdoors.

How can I use a Swooper Flag?

This flag is suitable for organizations of all types. Equipped with metallic streamers and available in 10, 13, or 17 sizes, the Swooper Flag is an attention-getter. They work well as roadside advertising tools, drawing the attention of anyone passing by. The Swooper relies on gentle wind gusts to unfurl.

Because of their robust size and captivating movements, Swooper Flags are also a great way to denote location and garner attention outside of a business. However, Swooper Flags are so unique and eye-catching that we recommend them as a décor option as well to dress up a bland business-front.

Why Choose a Swooper Flag?

Swooper Flags are tremendous advertising tools for organizations looking to step into the spotlight. The Swooper Flag’s size and unique shape make it an appealing option for locations with frequent wind, or those that are looking to enhance their curb appeal. Whether you run a small business that could use more visibility or you just want a unique way to decorate for a celebration, the Swooper Flag will help you attain success.

A final benefit to this style of signage is its ability to be moved and stored. We recommend storing flags indoors at night to extend their longevity. To take a Swooper Flag down, all you have to do is lift the flagpole off of the ground stake, with the flag still attached, and store it indoors. In the morning, simply bring the Swooper Flag outside and slide it back over the ground stake.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


Pole Height = 17 ft
Flag Height = 14 ft
Flag Width = 36 inches
Weight = 5 lbs with pole and ground stake

Complete kit includes: Flag, metallic streamers, flagpole, ground stake, and pole hardware


Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Post Sleeve: Polyester
Flagpole: Fiberglass
Ground Stake: Fiberglass
Metallic Steamer: Plastic


How do I setup my Swooper Flag?
Below are step-by-step instructions to properly install your Swooper Flag.
1) Once you have determined where you want your Swooper Flag installed, hammer in the fiberglass stake in the desired location.
2) Insert the fiberglass pole segments into their respective ends to create the flagpole.
3) Insert the top of the assembled flagpole into the bottom sleeve-opening of the flag and slide flag onto pole completely.
4) Thread the hoop-end of the bungee cord through the grommet until plastic stopper catches on grommet. Hook loop-end of bungee cord to built-in hook further down the flagpole.
5) Align streamer grommet to the flag-sleeve grommet at the top of the flag. Thread the zip tie through both grommets and tighten zip tie to secure the two grommets together.
6) Slide flagpole over the ground stake.

What sizes are Swooper Flags available in?
Swooper Flags are available in 10-foot, 13-foot, and 17-foot sizes.

Can I make changes or corrections to my order after its been placed?
Due to orders being sent immediately to production, we can’t always make changes before printing. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have changes to make.