13′ US6 Stars and Stripes Vertical Flag Kit


• Eye-catching movement
• Large in size for maximum visibility
• Excellent for outdoor use
• Perfect for roadside businesses
• Fast and simple installation
• Includes pole hardware and fiberglass ground stake



Stars & Stripes Vertical Flags

Vertical Flags are large advertising flags that are ideal for any organization looking for an outdoor signage solution. Vertical Flags are bold and wave freely in the wind, catching the eye of passersby. In your choice of 10-foot, 13-foot, or 17-foot heights, the Vertical Flag’s presence can’t be missed.

Similar to the Feather flag, our Vertical Flag comes with a flagpole and ground stake making it easy to move when needed. However, unlike the Feather flag which remains unfurled 24/7 regardless of wind, our Vertical Flag requires gentle wind to unfurl and dazzle onlookers.

How can I use a Vertical Flag?

Vertical Flags are suitable for organizations that want to make a strong statement with their signage. The Vertical works well for organizations on busy streets that want to take advantage of frequent wind. Vertical Flags garner the attention of people passing by each day with their substantial size and eye-catching movements. For businesses with less visibility, a Vertical Flag can be effective at denoting your businesses location for visitors and passersby alike.

Why Choose a Vertical Flag?
If you’re looking to get noticed, the Vertical Flag is for you. The 10, 13, or 17-foot sizes ensure that your flag will fly high and win the attention of anyone passing by.

The Vertical is made from lightweight polyester, which means it even unfurls with gentle wind gusts. If you’re goal is to be noticed, the Vertical Flag is for you.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


Pole Height = 13 ft
Flag Height = 10 ft
Flag Width = 30 inches
Weight = 4 lbs with pole and ground stake


Flag: Polyester Flag Cloth
Pole Sleeve: Polyester
Flagpole: Fiberglass
Ground Stake: Fiberglass


Can I use the Vertical Flag indoors?
We don’t recommend indoor use for the Vertical Flag because it is reliant on wind to unfurl and display flag graphics.

What sizes of Vertical Flags are available?
The Vertical Flag comes in three sizes, 10-foot, 13-foot, or 17-foot.

Can I make changes or corrections to my order after its been placed?
Due to orders being sent immediately to production, we can’t always make changes before printing. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have changes to make.