3×10 Outdoor Banner Frames


• Custom Banner Included
• Complete Kit
• Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing
• Excellent for outdoor use
• Lightweight for easy transport
• Tensional bungees reduce wind load on banner
• Simple installation
• Set up anywhere with proper base
• Custom Design tool to upload your own graphics or logo

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3×10 Outdoor Banner Frame

The Outdoor Banner Frame is a freestanding metal frame that displays your banner in areas where there is no other structure appropriate for displaying a banner. Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, this frame is lightweight and easy to install. The Outdoor Banner Frame comes with fiberglass ground stakes for outdoor use. If you intend on using this frame indoors, we recommend adding Sand Bases to your purchase to support your stand on impermeable surfaces. Purchase of Outdoor Banner Frame comes with custom banner to fit frame, hardware, fiberglass ground stakes, and bungees.

How can I use the Outdoor Banner Frame?

Because the Outdoor Banner Frame is corrosion-resistant and the banner is constructed with durable vinyl, displaying banners outdoors just became a lot easier. Use this product on the grass at outdoor events, in front of a business to denote your location, as wayfinding signage, and much more!

Why choose the Outdoor Banner Frame?

The Outdoor Banner Frame makes displaying a banner in difficult areas much easier. This frame reduces wind load on banners, making them suitable for windy days and open areas that receive frequent wind.

Additionally, this frame is perfect for instances where there are no existing structures to securely attach your banner. The Outdoor Banner Frame eliminates the need to use long lengths of rope or nails to hang your banner.

The 3×10 Outdoor Banner Frame weighs just 17 lbs. making it easy to transport for just one person. For organizations that require signage in open areas, the Outdoor Banner Frame is a must.


Prop65 Warning

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs


3’ x 10’ Frame
Height: 54 inches
Width: 128 inches
Weight:17 lbs.

3’ x 10’ Banner
Height: 36 inches
Width: 120 inches


Banner frame: Aluminum tubing
Banner: Vinyl
Stakes: Fiberglass


Can I make changes or corrections to my order after its been placed?
Due to orders being sent immediately to production, we can’t always make changes before printing. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have changes to make.

How does a banner attach to the Outdoor Banner Frame?
The Outdoor Banner Frame makes displaying a banner remarkably easy. The banner attaches to this frame simply by looping the bungee cords through the grommets and hooking the loop-end of the bungee to the frame.

Can I use the Outdoor Banner Frame indoors?
Yes! Don’t let the name fool you, this product displays banners effectively indoors or out. For indoor use, select the Sand Base or X-Stand options as your base before checkout.