Custom Horizontal Flags

• Available In 4 Common Sizes
• Two sided visibility, reverse on back
• Rectangular Shape For Easy Layout
• Simple Installation
• Header and Grommets included
• Use Indoors Or Out
• Soft Woven Polyester


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Custom design or upload a flag design today and order online horizontal 3×5 flags. If 3×5 is not the correct size that you’re looking for you can order any in 3 other sizes (4×6,5×8,and 6×10). The 3×5 flag is a standard sized flag and is among the most commonly used horizontal flags in the world today.

Each flag is made with a woven polyester. The woven polyester gives the flag a very light but strong feel which enables the flag to easily wave and fly when on a flag pole. The material is of a high quality so it’s long lasting and can work well for all occasions.

Each flag is double-stitch sewn top and bottom with a quadruple-stitch fly edge on woven polyester. The flag also includes a header and two brass grommets which protect it from ripping off of a rope in any extreme weather conditions.

Start a Design Today With Our Free Online Designer Tool

If you already have a design that you want to tweak you can simply upload it into our designer tool and make some adjustments. If you don’t have a design you can start from scratch and get going on a free design today! If you have no design experience there’s no need to worry at all. Our design tool can make most designs look professional. You don’t need any illustrator or online design experience whatsoever. The tool is completely free and if you don’t have time to finish your flag design today you can save the design and come back to it later.

Customize a Template

When you click on the ‘browse designs’ button just above you can tweak or customize a template. You can upload a logo or design to the template to improve the overall design.

Very Affordable Pricing on all Flags

All flags are affordable and priced to help protect your budget. The shipping is completely free as well as the design tool. The best part is there’s nothing cheap about our flag, although its priced low, the flag is still a very high quality flag and we’re confident that you will not go wrong by purchasing a flag with us here at Quality Sign Designer.

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  • Flag Header for Grommets Included
  • Two Brass Grommets Included


Our Custom Flags are penetration printed (direct on fabric) on Polyester. Polyester is the most commonly used material for applying digital images with ink on Custom Flags and Cloth Display Products.


  • Are your Custom Flags Single Sided or Double Sided?
    All of our Custom Flags are penetration printed to show through on the other side (reverse on back). They come standard with a header and two brass grommets.
  • What printing method do you use?
    We use a dye sublimation (penetration printing) method (direct on fabric, not silk screened).
  • May I make changes or corrections to my order after its been placed?
    Due to orders being sent immediately to production, we can not always make changes before printing. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have changes to make.
  • How do I place a reorder?
    Contact us and provide either the previous Order Number, previous Customer Name, or previous Customer Email to get a reorder placed. We save all previous order artwork and will need one of those three items to retrieve previous order artwork.
  • Are your product sizes measured in “Feet” or “Inches”?
    Our products sizes are measured in “Feet”, for example a 3×5 Custom Flag is 3ft in height and 5ft in width.
  • How long do your Custom Flags last?
    Custom Flag durability depends on the local climate and length of use. If the Custom Flag is being used in a harsher climate and never brought indoors the Custom Flag can go 12-18 months before showing the first signs of fading.