Pop Up Display


• Wrapped sides for professional appearance
• Cross-braced frame for maximum tension
• Lightweight, freestanding frame
• Fast and easy setup
• Comes with convenient rolling case
• Custom Design tool to upload your own graphics or logo

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Pop Up Display

The Pop Up display is a 7.5’ x 10’ backdrop. The accordion-style frame of the Pop Up beautifully supports your custom graphics on high quality display cloth. This frame is designed to stretch the cloth banner, eliminating wrinkles in the display. When secured properly, the fabric covers the front and sides of the frame, giving your backdrop a clean, professional appearance.

The premium cloth banner securely fastens to the accordion frame with hook and loop, making setup and breakdown fast and simple. Purchase of Pop Up Display includes accordion frame, custom backdrop, hardware, and carrying case.

How can I use the Pop Up Display?

Pop Up Displays are perfect backdrops for conferences, photoshoots, celebrations, and much more. This display is an excellent backdrop for press conferences or media availability. Feature your logo, company name, sponsors, or more and make the most out of your Pop Up Display.

The Pop Up Display is also an excellent way to produce an impactful visual. Create a portable wall mural for tradeshows, photoshoots, and other events by getting creative when you upload your graphics on our custom design tool.

Why Choose the Pop Up Display?

The Pop Up display is perfect for organizations who hold press conferences, attend trade shows, or have photo opportunities with visitors. This display is freestanding, lightweight, sturdy, and easy to setup and take down.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


Height: 90 inches
Width: 120 inches
Weight: 15 lbs.


Frame: Aluminum
Graphic panel: Cloth
Fasteners: Nylon hook and loop


I’m interested in media backdrops for press conferences. Is there a specific design that is typically used for press conference backdrops?

Media backdrops used for press conferences typically feature a “step and repeat” style design. A step and repeat design is where the desired logos or images are placed in an off-set, repeating pattern. This allows the logos or images to be visible on the banner regardless of where someone is standing in front of it.

What are the main differences between the Pop Up Display and the Step & Repeat Backdrop?
The Step & Repeat Backdrop and the Pop Up Display are both excellent backdrops, but they do have some differences. The main difference between the two products is their frames.

The Pop Up Display is an accordion-style frame that collapses and expands like an accordion would. Because of this, the Pop Up Display can only support one backdrop size. However, unlike the Step & Repeat, the Pop Up Display wraps the sides of the frame, creating a sleek, 3-D appearance.

The Step & Repeat Backdrop has telescoping poles, allowing it to supported sizes as small as 48” x 48”. The telescoping poles also allow the Step & Repeat to pack down smaller than the Pop Up. Both backdrops have unique benefits that make them desirable. Customers should evaluate their needs and pick the backdrop best suited for them.

How long does this take to setup?
The Pop Up Display has a simple installation process and one person could setup a banner in five minutes.