Adjustable Banner Stand


• Lightweight for easy transport
• Adjustable to fit various sized banners
• Pop-up frame packs down small
• Excellent for indoor use
• Fast and simple installation
• Custom Design tool to upload your own graphics or logo
• Comes with convenient carrying case

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Custom Grasshopper Stand

The Adjustable Banner Stand is a tripod frame with a telescoping frame that displays banners beautifully. This stand is perfect for temporary signage at tradeshows, conferences, events, and more. The Adjustable Banner Stand can display a 72” x 32” banner with ease or it can be modified to hold much smaller banners for a tabletop presentation. When you’re finished, the Adjustable Banner Stand packs down small and fits in a convenient carrying case. Purchase of stand comes with 72” x 32” custom printed banner.

How can I use the Adjustable Banner Stand?
Adjustable Banner Stands are perfect for organizations that need a quick and easy way to display their banner. Commonly used at tradeshows and events, this stand will give you more time to focus on clients and less time on setup. The Adjustable Banner Stand’s versatility makes it suitable for almost any instance where a banner needs to be displayed.

Why Choose the Adjustable Banner Stand?
Purchasing the Adjustable Banner Stand is an investment in versatility. Because this product is adjustable, you aren’t limited to one banner size at events. Use the full-sized 72” x 32” banner to create a strong visual, or adjust the telescoping poles to fit smaller banners for a tabletop presentation.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs


Height: 72” to 55”
Width: 32” to 23”
Weight: 8 lbs


Banner Stand: Aluminum
Banner: PET Vinyl Film Greyback
Carrying Bag: Nylon


Each banner is finished with four one-inch grommets, one in each corner, to attach to this stand. The Adjustable Banner Stand has four poles that with hooks to support your banner. Just hook the grommets onto the respective poles of the Adjustable Banner Stand.

Can I use this stand outdoors?
We recommend this stand only for temporary outdoor use in favorable weather with proper anchoring and supervision.

Can this stand hold a horizontal banner?
Unfortunately, this banner is intended for vertically-oriented banners. To display a horizontal banner in areas with nothing to tie off to, visit our Outdoor Banner Frame page or Step & Repeat Backdrop..

Will light shine through the banner when it is in use?
Light will not shine through this banner. The banner used for the Retractable Banner Stand is PET Vinyl Film Greyback. The grey backside of the banner prevents light from shining through the banner to the frontside.