Yard Signs Improve Small Business Advertising

Yard Sign Example 1

Yard signs are commonly used to promote political candidates, market businesses, and much more. They are versatile and simple, taking just seconds to install. But don’t let their lack of complexity dissuade you, they remain very effective marketing tools. Yard signs used in the ideal locations will present your message to thousands of people every day that you may not have reached otherwise. Whether you’re aiming to increase sales or just gain more visibility for your small business, yard signs can give your marketing efforts a major boost.

Why Invest in Yard Signs?

There’s a reason that one of the most common uses for yard signs is political elections. Political candidates need to continuously convey their message to a wide range of people at a low cost. However, these inherent benefits are not always visible to small-business owners, who might overlook the effectiveness of yard sign marketing. Yard Signs offer three major marketing benefits:

1) Affordability
2) Proximity marketing
3) Repeated views of your ad


Yard Signs are one of the most affordable types of signage. Their affordability allows businesses to order larger quantities and be more generous with their marketing efforts. With more signs on hand, businesses can install them throughout the surrounding area of their business, reaching a large amount of people that you couldn’t reach with one large sign. A typical organizational sign outside of your business is like fishing with a fishing rod, whereas many yard signs is like fishing with a big net.

Proximity Marketing

Marketing with yard signs in close proximity to your business is beneficial because it doesn’t ask a lot of prospective customers. You aren’t asking them to drive 20 minutes to visit your business, but rather under five minutes. To be effective, mention your close proximity on the sign itself. This is especially effective for businesses with limited visibility who may be set back from the road.

Yard Sign Example 2

Advertising in close proximity to your business is effective on two levels. The first is impulse purchases/visits. If a driver sees that your business is very close to their current location, they will be more likely to stop in. In a recent study, researchers found that consumers are 2.5 times more alert to physical advertisements outside of their homes than they are while consuming digital content. A yard sign within close proximity to your business will be effective at earning the attention of prospective customers in the area.

Repeated Views of Your Ad

The second level of proximity marketing is repetition. Perhaps a person that viewed your sign didn’t impulsively visit your business the first time, but they will likely see your signs repeatedly over time, placing your business in their long-term memory. This underscores the importance of signage design and including the products and services you offer on the sign so customers will recall your location when they need the services you provide.

For businesses that do not have a brick and mortar location, yard signs can be a vital asset to your marketing efforts. Businesses that offer services in a wide geographical range can use yard signs as an economical marketing tool that can cover a lot of area when placed in strategic locations that receive a high volume of traffic.

The marketing landscape for small businesses is constantly evolving. The emergence of new technologies and new social media platforms means there are new ways to reach prospective customers. However, new technologies come with uncertainties in terms of effectiveness. Make the most out of your marketing budget and invest in effective yard sign marketing. Begin designing your yard sign with our custom design tool today and start earning more business!

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