What Are Vertical Flags?

custom vertical flags

Vertical flag is a broad name that can represent a variety of different styles of flags. The name vertical flag is sometimes used to represent flags that are taller than they are wide, like a traditional horizontal flag that was rotated 90 degrees (see our Rectangle Flag). Our Vertical Flags are tall, rectangular advertising flags that are fixed to a fiberglass flagpole. Here at Quality Sign Designer, our Vertical Flags are similar to our Feather Flags with a few key differences:

  • They are entirely wind-reliant and do not remain unfurled like the Feather Flag
  • Vertical Flags are larger in size (13 ft or 17ft) than Feather Flags (7.5 ft or 11.5 ft)
  • Vertical Flags are rectangular in shape

Similar to the Feather Flag, our Vertical Flag includes a flagpole and ground stake, making it easy to move when needed. However, unlike the feather flag which remains open 24/7 regardless of wind, our vertical flag requires some wind to unfurl and flutter in the wind. If you have exterior signage needs and prefer the appearance of a flag waving in the wind, then a vertical may be the choice for you.

Why Choose a Vertical Flag?

Vertical flags are a unique way to garner the attention of others. Our Vertical Flags are tall! With options of 13 or 17 feet, these flags are able to catch more wind and are sure to draw the eye of anyone passing your location.

A unique 13 or 17-foot-tall Vertical Flag could be the difference between a person noticing you or continuing past your location. Vertical Flags are excellent to display in front of businesses or areas that you want to draw people to. Because Vertical Flags are so large, they offer more area to display graphics and lettering. Their large size combined with the eye-catching movements as the wind blows make Vertical Flags an excellent advertising tool.

Vertical Flags are also a suitable option for businesses that don’t get especially strong wind. Because they are narrower than traditional flags, there is less drag, allowing smaller gusts of wind to unfurl the flag material. If you like the eye-catching appeal of an advertising flag fluttering in the wind, but don’t receive heavy wind gusts, a Vertical Flag could be desirable for you.

custom vertical flags

Pros and Cons of Vertical Flags

There are many signage options available, so weighing the pros and cons of each is important before making a purchase. Vertical Flags are excellent advertising tools for the right organization. We wouldn’t recommend a product that wasn’t right for you, so let’s make sure a vertical flag is the best choice.


  • Large in size for maximum exposure
  • Considerable surface area for graphics and lettering
  • Eye-catching movements when wind blows
  • Portable with fiberglass ground stake


  • Wind-reliant
  • Smallest available size is 13 feet, which can be too big for some instances

If your organization receives even moderate amounts of wind, a Vertical Flag could be an excellent addition to your exterior advertising signage. The large area space on the flag itself, coupled with the height of these flags makes them a very useful type of signage. While Vertical Flags do unfurl from low amounts of wind, if your location doesn’t get much wind at all, or there are obstructions that block the wind, a Vertical Flag wouldn’t be the best choice. In a situation where wind is limited, a Feather Flag that doesn’t require wind to stay open is more suitable.


Standing at 13 or 17 feet tall, our vertical flags are unique and attractive in their shape and size. When these soaring flags catch the wind, it’s easy to notice them as well as the organizations behind them. Vertical flags are ideal as storefront marketing tools to attract visitors to your location.

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