Ten Creative Banner Design Ideas

Do you feel like your banners are a great outlet for your creativity, or do you find yourself falling back on the same old designs time and time again? Most standard banners only have the message that someone may want to emphasize, like “Congratulations,” “For Sale,” or whatever the banner was created to accentuate. There are different things you can do to make your sign more creative than that, and when you start considering your options, you can really create something memorable.

1. Add an image. You could create a banner with nothing but text, or you could give customers, friends, or visitors something to really stop and look at. There are so many clever ways to tie in an image that’s related to the message. Most banners have plenty of room to place the image behind the text, like a picture of the products you are selling, or off to the side to draw the eye that direction.

If the event is going to be more personal, like a birthday party, you can add a picture of the person everyone is coming to celebrate.

Banner Ideas

This is a great example of turning the entire banner into a fun tribute to an individual and still tying it into the overall theme of the event. Even if the little boy was not on the poster, adding images that are beach-themed makes a banner much more exciting.

2. Make it interesting to look at. The whole point of a banner is to get people to stop and look at it, and you can give them a reason to do so by adding some interesting information. Whether you’re providing the time and place for an even or listing a range of products or services available at the gathering, you don’t have to make it a list of words. Think of different ways you can impart this information in new and creative ways.

3. Add a graphic. Graphics are a great way to add an element of creativity to any sign. They draw the eye and help give life to the sign.
Banner Faith Ideas
The image seen here helps the name of the organization pop off the banner. If you were to walk past a sign like this, the personality in this graphic attracts your attention.

4. Personalize it. Nothing makes a banner more special than a personalized message or image. This will depend a lot on the situation, but if you are making up a sign for a birthday or graduation party, actually putting the name of the guest of honor is a nice gesture. Rather than giving the impression that you pulled out a generic sign, everyone knows that you created it specifically for that night.

5. Bright Colors. There are many options for colors besides changing the background of the banner.

Restaurant Banner IdeaThis restaurant has a sign that commands attention because of the bold, bright colors. It is important to note that the lettering is very dark, which contrasts the colors in the back. This helps to ensure that colors don’t make the text hard to read.

6. Creative lettering. Standard text is fine for most signs, but if you need to take your banner up a notch without going too crazy, have fun with the lettering. The biggest concern with changing up the traditional fonts is that it may hinder someone’s ability to easily read the words. There are all kinds of fonts that are fancy, yet still readable, and you can focus on those.

7. Different sizes. When it comes to choosing the right banner, one size does not fit all. Most businesses require a really big sign to attract the attention of those driving or walking by, while a banner for a baby shower only needs to be big enough to cover the wall above the refreshment table. If you need more than one sign for whatever reason, be creative with them by making them different sizes while still making them work together.

8. Do a series. Businesses will order banners for all kinds of reasons like advertising a sale, showing an open house of some sort, or even for a convention they are attending. The banners that are required for this kind of event generally need to grab the attention of those walking by and give them a reason to stop by and see what you’re offering. In order to attract more attention in a different way, many of these companies will use a series of signs.

Banner Ideas for Products

There are several reasons these banners are so ideal for this setting. The first is that they work together as a group, but could still stand alone if they needed to. The images capture the attention, the numbers add to the message, and the logo up in the top right hand corner ties them all together as a set.

9. Simple creativity. Not all creativity has to be over-the-top to capture attention or be fun.

banner ideas graduation

This sign is a great example of not only being super simple, but is also very creative. The banner perfectly fits a nice graduation party, so all the frills and graphics that some people might add would actually just detract from what is there now.

10. Use humor. One thing that people often gravitate to is a familiar sense of humor. There are rules with trying to go this route, though, to make sure you are reaching the proper audience. It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

• Is your audience going to be offended at your attempt at humor? Clean humor is not only appreciated, but can help you to get new customers while offensive jokes drive away anyone with might not appreciate your low brow jokes.
• Will anyone understand you are making a joke? If the attempt at humor is not understood, the message you send to the consumer may not be the one you intend.
• Is it relevant to your message? A random joke about something that has nothing to do with your banner or your organization or event only confuses people and falls flat.

Be Yourself
Whatever you are making a banner for, you should always make sure it has a personality that reflects your own. The sign will say a lot more than what you write on it, so be creative and have fun with your design.

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