Signage Solutions for Effective Property Management Advertising

In 2004, the home ownership rate in the United States was a 69.4%, the highest from 1997 to 2019. In 2019, the home ownership rate fell to 64.2%. As home prices increase, more people are looking to rent rather than buy homes. With more would-be renters on the prowl, property management advertising is more important than ever to rise above the competition. Roadside advertisements with advertising flags, custom flags, custom banners, and other signage solutions are an excellent way to build excitement for open houses and advertise apartments for rent to thousands of people every day.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage is an important part of any advertising, especially for on-site promotions. In a recent study on business signage, 75% of respondents stated that one of the first things they notice about a new or unfamiliar business is the signage outside the building. For property management, unique and upbeat advertising outside of apartment buildings can instill excitement and curiosity in prospective renters. 

feather flag

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are a common tool for advertising, often seen in front of roadside businesses. They are tall advertising flags that consistently stay open, regardless of wind speed. Their size and unique shape easily draws the attention of passersby. With our custom design tool, you can design your flag so best fits your needs. Using one or two Feather Flags is a great way to display information like open houses, available rentals, and more. However, a common approach is using many Feather Flags in a row to create a strong, attention-getting visual while simultaneously displaying information.

For those looking for big-impact branding, allow us to introduce the Vertical Flag and the Swooper Flag. Available in 13 ft. or 17 ft. heights, these flags large advertising flags are big and bold. Both of these flags rely on gentle wind to unfurl, and produce eye-catching movements as they flutter in the wind.

vertical flags

Vertical Flags

The Vertical flag is a tall rectangular shape with a lot of space to add your custom message or graphics. Perfect for messages like “FOR RENT”, “OPEN HOUSE”, or any message you want to convey. Their sheer size and eye-catching movements when the wind blows make Vertical flags an excellent outdoor signage option.

Swooper Flags

The Swooper Flag is the true attention-getter of all the flags. In addition to its immense height, three metallic streamers are attached to the top of the flagpole, producing even more eye-catching movements when the wind blows. Swooper Flags are great for displaying messages or simply creating a visual with no message, like in the picture below.

Custom Banners

Custom Banners are a versatile signage solution that are suitable for outdoor use. Available in 16 unique sizes, there is a Custom Banner for any situation. Custom Banners are a great way to prominently advertise apartments for rent, contact information, and more. Banners are a great way to create a large visual at the apartment itself, or as a billboard-like advertisement near the rental location. Because they are made from durable vinyl, you can easily store and reuse them for all of your open houses or new rental opportunities.

Yard Signs

What about those rentals that are on quiet roads that get less consistent traffic? Advertising flags are excellent for on-site promotions, but how can you get people to them? To direct people to your open house, we recommend Yard Signs. Commonly used for political candidates, yard sales, on job sites, and more, Yard Signs are an effective and inexpensive advertising tool. These durable Coroplast signs are ideal for wayfinding when placed at intersections to direct drivers to your event. With our custom design tool, you choose what message your sign displays and any other graphics you want to add to it. Yard signs are also great tools for general promotion. Let drivers all over town know that you have apartments for rent with contact information for interested parties.

Interior Signage

Once you get prospective renters inside, setting your best foot forward is crucial. Interior signage can be a major boost to the visitor experience. In the same study that was cited earlier, 86% of respondents agreed that business signage can convey the personality or character of the business. Quality interior signage can elicit characteristics of trustworthiness, honesty, competence, and more, which will attract quality tenants.  To display these characteristics, rental amenities, benefits, and general rental information, the Custom Retractable Banner Stand and Adjustable Banner Stand are terrific signage options.

Retractable Banner Stand

The Retractable Banner Stand is a 78” x 33.5” banner that retracts into a sleek aluminum stand finished in anodized silver. The stand takes up very little space and easily movable, making it ideal for property management. The Retractable Banner Stand displays your message with a touch of elegance, combining high-end appeal with simple assembly. This stand is ideal for displaying information that will remain constant over time like rent costs, parking information, laundry, and much more. It’s perfect for open houses or signage in larger apartment complexes with a shared entrance or common area.

Adjustable Banner Stand

For those looking for a stand that can display banners of multiple sizes, the Adjustable Banner Stand is the product for you. This tripod stand is a tensional design that holds banners of various sizes taut. This stand has four arms at that hook into the four respective grommets and displays your banner beautifully.  The Adjustable Banner Stand can display a 72” x 32” banner with ease or it can be modified to hold much smaller banners for a tabletop presentation. When you’re finished, the Adjustable Banner Stand packs down small and fits in a convenient carrying case. Similar to the Custom Retractable Banner Stand, the Adjustable Banner Stand is an excellent way to display information at open houses or in common areas within apartment complexes.

With a high demand on rentals, property management advertising can build excitement for listings with visual signage solutions. Building excitement not only increases the amount of interested candidates, but also fills vacancies quicker, ensuring consistent cash-flow for property management firms. 

How Feather Flags Can Boost Your Business

Feather flags are not new, but more and more businesses are discovering how useful they can be. A good, sturdy feather flag can be a great investment for a business because of how versatile and attractive they are.


What is a Feathered Flag?

Feathered flags stand between 10 and 20 feet high. However, these are not flags in the traditional sense because they are not hung at the top of a flag pole where it must wait for a gust of wind to show off the brand message. Instead, they are attached to a specially shaped pole at multiple points to make sure that everything is displayed clearly while still letting them wave gently in the wind.

Companies can customize their flags to their individual business needs in three basic shapes:

• Tear drop- A bit skewed from the traditional shape with the narrow, pointed area attached to the bottom of the stand with the wider part up at the top.
• Rectangular- One of the wider sides attached to the pole and stand.
• Triangular- A right angled version with the longer side of the 90-degree angle attached to the pole.

Each of these shapes can be advantageous and have more area for text than other forms of signage. When they’re used in the right place, though, they can all catch the eye of potential customers.

Common Uses

These versatile flags can be used for all kinds of events and in a variety of locations.
• Schools may place a few of these around campus with their colors and mascot for game days or the first week of classes.
• Real estate companies and home builders like to place these flags on a home when there is an open house or a model home to show off.
• Small businesses can place these flags around their tables at a convention or trade show to attract people to their tables and booths for more information on their products or services.
• Retail store fronts use feathered flags for advertising a big sale or grand opening of a store.

Advantages of Feathered Flags

Businesses are accustomed to many traditional options, like paper signs, vinyl banners, and other more permanent styles of signage in either wood or metal. Each of these signs is normally picked for each individual event. Each of these has different pros and cons, but feathered flags often have a number of advantages that are making them a very popular option.

A great way to catch someone’s attention whether they are passing by car or foot is having something that is bright colored, stands above the competition, and moves. This is a basic design principle. Our eyes are naturally drawn to location/position, color, and motion. Feathered flags are free to move around while still being visible from most directions, and unlike typical flags, these do not require wind to stand out.

Another advantage of these flags is that they can be easily rearranged to fit the event. If you are at a trade show and the booth next to you is blocking you out, it is easy to rearrange your signs so that you can be seen well. The stands are lighter and easier to move than a heavy wooden or metal sign and don’t require string or tape to hang it up like vinyl or paper banners.

Follow the Money

There are many advantages to having a feathered flag for your business, but the main one is that they also will cost your company less in the long run. A high quality product like this will last a long time, even though it does not cost as much as other options. Whether you’re a large or small business, there are ways to employ these flags – in large or small numbers – to get a lot of attention from potential customers.

What is a Feather Flag?

In regards to traditional advertising for small businesses, feather flag advertising can help draw attention to an event or business. Feather flags are not filled with feathers, they get their name from their feather like structure. They can range anywhere from 10 ft. tall to 20 ft. tall. Most businesses will either buy a 13 ft. tall flag, or a 17 ft. tall flag. These flags are not going away, businesses use them religiously to promote events and their products or services.

The History of Feather Flags

Feather Flags aren’t new to this world, these flags have been used as far back as the 1970’s. Although the term is unfamiliar to many and is not a common term like ‘custom banner’ or ‘yard sign’, the flags have been used by both large and small businesses to draw attention to events. With the significant growth of the internet in the 1990’s feather flags took off and are now used by small local retail shops. The internet helped with the expansion of feather flags because it made them more affordable. Flags became more affordable because the internet provided business owners the opportunity to order flags from national flag makers instead of high priced local flag makers. Design tools online are making the customization process simple and professional, which is enabling the growth as well.
Feather Flag
Feather flags are considered a form of traditional advertising because they aren’t digital and they have been around for many years prior to the internet. This form of traditional marketing still works, it is still effective, and is worth a try.

The Purpose of Feather Flags

Like all forms of advertising there are the pros and cons of each form of advertising. Feather flags offer many pros because they’re affordable and they work very well when drawing attention to an event or place. These flags work very well when it comes to branding, big brands use them often because they recognize the success that comes from them. The flags are designed for logos, they’re not designed for communicating a long message, just like most forms of traditional advertising.

How to be Effective with Feather Flag Marketing

When it comes to promotional events, businesses that have a brick and mortar location can draw in a significant amount of outside traffic if they strategically use the flags. When ordering flags its important to understand that one is not enough. When many flags are out and dancing in the wind the attention naturally comes in. One flag can work, but to be really effective its all about having multiple flags visible.

Color Selection
Choosing the right color to represent your brand will help with the effectiveness of the marketing. Colors that are brighter reach a larger audience, however you don’t want to be too bright, it can kill the professionalism of your brand. Evaluating the color personality of your target audience should be considered when selecting colors. Blue is commonly used in ads because most people have shades of blue in their personality.

Placing the flags in the right place is by far the most important and crucial part of any traditional campaign strategy. Not every retail business has the greatest location, however you don’t want to place the flags away from your location unless you are promoting a remote event. Flags should be where the most amount of traffic can visually see them. If your business is positioned next to a busy street, but the front of the business points towards a small street, it would be wise to place the flags on the side of the street with the most traffic.

Special Events
Businesses should not keep the flags out all year unless they notice an increase in visitors from the flags. Flags have a stronger effect when they are used for promoting special events. Events need them as well to signify to the public something special is going on. Most local community drivers are not passing the business for the first time, the flags will send strong signals to the local residents who have been by the business many times. The promotional event can be once a month, or once a year. Over time the flags will keep their effectiveness if they are used spontaneously. Using the flags spontaneously will also prevent the flag from warping in the sun.

With one flag you only have so much space. A one flag strategy should focus mainly on the logo. With flags you don’t want to have more than two words on the flag. You want to keep it as simple as possible. If you’re buying many flags you can be more creative by adding a word to each flag and creating a sentence or message over a series of flags.

Other Names For Feather Flags

Feather flags with their rich history have all sorts of different names, here’s a list of all the various names:

  • Advertising Flags
  • Swooper Flags
  • Flutter Flags
  • Blade Flags
  • Sail Flags
  • Bow Flags
  • Teardrop Flags
  • Tall Flags
  • Quill Flags

Each flag can be shaped different, not all of the flags mentioned above represent the feather flag.

In Conclusion

Flags can be great assets in your marketing campaign. They should not be ignored in any retail or restaurant business campaign. All of the big brands use them still to this day. They are affordable and they can be customized to fit your brands theme or message. People are not annoyed by this way of advertising, these flags will draw in more customers and sells if used strategically.

Questions Answered in this Article

This article contains answers to the following questions:

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Why We Love Feather Flags and Why You Should Too!

Feather flags have been around for a long time. They’re used by the largest and smallest companies in the world, yet when people hear the word ‘feather flag’ they have no idea what you’re talking about. These flags are popular with businesses and organizations but not with the general public even though the general public sees them ever single day. If you’re just learning about feather flags for the first time, welcome! We hope you develop a respect for these flags that play a role in local marketing.

Here are just a few reasons on why we love them, yes love them!

1. Feather flags are tall –The flags can be either 13ft tall or even 17ft tall. These flags are taller than all humans. They stick out over cars and people. Their height is what gives them power in regards to marketing. They’re not higher than billboards, or wider, but for the price savings this might be the better option than a billboard. After all they serve the same purpose as a billboard.
Tall Feather Flags
2. Feather flags get all the attention –Well maybe not all of the attention but a good amount of attention. This is partially because of their height. It can also be because of the design. The shape of the sign works in getting attention as well. These flags stick out because they’re different. They’re not boring ads, and they actually add value to the community around them.
Attention Getters
3. Feather flags can look really good –It would be a lie to say all feather flags look good. Some of them just look flat out ugly (harsh – I know). If you buy a flag with us here at Quality Sign Designer it will look really really good (prideful – we know). The truth is we have an online design tool for feather flags that will make the design look very professional. Unless you purposely don’t want it to look professional. When they look good they make a big impact on the area and organization they represent.
Great Looking Flags
4. Feather flags bring life to the event – Whether if it’s a promotional event, a grand opening, or sometimes even just an advertisement, these flags bring life to the party and the public captures it. The flags dance, and wave in the wind. This creates not just attention but excitement. This is why car dealerships, model homes, and any business holding a promotional event buy these flags.
Flags Communicate Messages
5. Feather flags are very affordable – Billboards run for thousands of dollars a month. Display ads offline can be very costly. Feather flags act as a display ad, they help brand organizations locally. Feather flags can start at $99 when you get a flag with us, that also includes the free shipping. You can easily order 10 feather flags and pay less than one thousand dollars. the ROI is strong with flags because they’re so affordable.

6. Feather flags are built to last –If there’s any advertising product built for the wind it’s the feather flag. These flags are made with a green dye that’s fade resistant, which allows for your flag to last through extreme summers without aging a day. We make all the flags with the best possible quality. It’s apart of our name we have to live up to our name! In all honesty you can use these flags for many years, which also will compliment their ROI potential.

7. Feather flags are really unique –Feather flags are not your everyday advertisement, they’re very unique flags. In marketing it’s good to be unique, it gets you a little more attention as long as it’s not embarrassing. The very fact that these are not your everyday flags is a good reason to get a feather flag!

8. Feather flags send a message – It might be a grand opening, or even lower prices, sometimes it’s a buy one get one free event, whatever it is these flags can communicate a message to the public. This is why we believe they’re great advertising assets for businesses and organizations.

In Conclusion

Advertising is not easy these days, it can be expensive and produce little to no results. Small businesses and organizations with low budgets should really consider feather flag advertising. These flags are low in cost, good looking, tall, unique and they send a message!

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  • What can you use feather flags for?
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