Signage Solutions for Effective Property Management Advertising

In 2004, the home ownership rate in the United States was a 69.4%, the highest from 1997 to 2019. In 2019, the home ownership rate fell to 64.2%. As home prices increase, more people are looking to rent rather than buy homes. With more would-be renters on the prowl, property management advertising is more important than ever to rise above the competition. Roadside advertisements with advertising flags, custom flags, custom banners, and other signage solutions are an excellent way to build excitement for open houses and advertise apartments for rent to thousands of people every day.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage is an important part of any advertising, especially for on-site promotions. In a recent study on business signage, 75% of respondents stated that one of the first things they notice about a new or unfamiliar business is the signage outside the building. For property management, unique and upbeat advertising outside of apartment buildings can instill excitement and curiosity in prospective renters. 

feather flag

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are a common tool for advertising, often seen in front of roadside businesses. They are tall advertising flags that consistently stay open, regardless of wind speed. Their size and unique shape easily draws the attention of passersby. With our custom design tool, you can design your flag so best fits your needs. Using one or two Feather Flags is a great way to display information like open houses, available rentals, and more. However, a common approach is using many Feather Flags in a row to create a strong, attention-getting visual while simultaneously displaying information.

For those looking for big-impact branding, allow us to introduce the Vertical Flag and the Swooper Flag. Available in 13 ft. or 17 ft. heights, these flags large advertising flags are big and bold. Both of these flags rely on gentle wind to unfurl, and produce eye-catching movements as they flutter in the wind.

vertical flags

Vertical Flags

The Vertical flag is a tall rectangular shape with a lot of space to add your custom message or graphics. Perfect for messages like “FOR RENT”, “OPEN HOUSE”, or any message you want to convey. Their sheer size and eye-catching movements when the wind blows make Vertical flags an excellent outdoor signage option.

Swooper Flags

The Swooper Flag is the true attention-getter of all the flags. In addition to its immense height, three metallic streamers are attached to the top of the flagpole, producing even more eye-catching movements when the wind blows. Swooper Flags are great for displaying messages or simply creating a visual with no message, like in the picture below.

Custom Banners

Custom Banners are a versatile signage solution that are suitable for outdoor use. Available in 16 unique sizes, there is a Custom Banner for any situation. Custom Banners are a great way to prominently advertise apartments for rent, contact information, and more. Banners are a great way to create a large visual at the apartment itself, or as a billboard-like advertisement near the rental location. Because they are made from durable vinyl, you can easily store and reuse them for all of your open houses or new rental opportunities.

Yard Signs

What about those rentals that are on quiet roads that get less consistent traffic? Advertising flags are excellent for on-site promotions, but how can you get people to them? To direct people to your open house, we recommend Yard Signs. Commonly used for political candidates, yard sales, on job sites, and more, Yard Signs are an effective and inexpensive advertising tool. These durable Coroplast signs are ideal for wayfinding when placed at intersections to direct drivers to your event. With our custom design tool, you choose what message your sign displays and any other graphics you want to add to it. Yard signs are also great tools for general promotion. Let drivers all over town know that you have apartments for rent with contact information for interested parties.

Interior Signage

Once you get prospective renters inside, setting your best foot forward is crucial. Interior signage can be a major boost to the visitor experience. In the same study that was cited earlier, 86% of respondents agreed that business signage can convey the personality or character of the business. Quality interior signage can elicit characteristics of trustworthiness, honesty, competence, and more, which will attract quality tenants.  To display these characteristics, rental amenities, benefits, and general rental information, the Custom Retractable Banner Stand and Adjustable Banner Stand are terrific signage options.

Retractable Banner Stand

The Retractable Banner Stand is a 78” x 33.5” banner that retracts into a sleek aluminum stand finished in anodized silver. The stand takes up very little space and easily movable, making it ideal for property management. The Retractable Banner Stand displays your message with a touch of elegance, combining high-end appeal with simple assembly. This stand is ideal for displaying information that will remain constant over time like rent costs, parking information, laundry, and much more. It’s perfect for open houses or signage in larger apartment complexes with a shared entrance or common area.

Adjustable Banner Stand

For those looking for a stand that can display banners of multiple sizes, the Adjustable Banner Stand is the product for you. This tripod stand is a tensional design that holds banners of various sizes taut. This stand has four arms at that hook into the four respective grommets and displays your banner beautifully.  The Adjustable Banner Stand can display a 72” x 32” banner with ease or it can be modified to hold much smaller banners for a tabletop presentation. When you’re finished, the Adjustable Banner Stand packs down small and fits in a convenient carrying case. Similar to the Custom Retractable Banner Stand, the Adjustable Banner Stand is an excellent way to display information at open houses or in common areas within apartment complexes.

With a high demand on rentals, property management advertising can build excitement for listings with visual signage solutions. Building excitement not only increases the amount of interested candidates, but also fills vacancies quicker, ensuring consistent cash-flow for property management firms. 

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