Why We Love Feather Flags and Why You Should Too!

Great Looking Flags

Feather flags have been around for a long time. They’re used by the largest and smallest companies in the world, yet when people hear the word ‘feather flag’ they have no idea what you’re talking about. These flags are popular with businesses and organizations but not with the general public even though the general public sees them ever single day. If you’re just learning about feather flags for the first time, welcome! We hope you develop a respect for these flags that play a role in local marketing.

Here are just a few reasons on why we love them, yes love them!

1. Feather flags are tall –The flags can be either 13ft tall or even 17ft tall. These flags are taller than all humans. They stick out over cars and people. Their height is what gives them power in regards to marketing. They’re not higher than billboards, or wider, but for the price savings this might be the better option than a billboard. After all they serve the same purpose as a billboard.
Tall Feather Flags
2. Feather flags get all the attention –Well maybe not all of the attention but a good amount of attention. This is partially because of their height. It can also be because of the design. The shape of the sign works in getting attention as well. These flags stick out because they’re different. They’re not boring ads, and they actually add value to the community around them.
Attention Getters
3. Feather flags can look really good –It would be a lie to say all feather flags look good. Some of them just look flat out ugly (harsh – I know). If you buy a flag with us here at Quality Sign Designer it will look really really good (prideful – we know). The truth is we have an online design tool for feather flags that will make the design look very professional. Unless you purposely don’t want it to look professional. When they look good they make a big impact on the area and organization they represent.
Great Looking Flags
4. Feather flags bring life to the event – Whether if it’s a promotional event, a grand opening, or sometimes even just an advertisement, these flags bring life to the party and the public captures it. The flags dance, and wave in the wind. This creates not just attention but excitement. This is why car dealerships, model homes, and any business holding a promotional event buy these flags.
Flags Communicate Messages
5. Feather flags are very affordable – Billboards run for thousands of dollars a month. Display ads offline can be very costly. Feather flags act as a display ad, they help brand organizations locally. Feather flags can start at $99 when you get a flag with us, that also includes the free shipping. You can easily order 10 feather flags and pay less than one thousand dollars. the ROI is strong with flags because they’re so affordable.

6. Feather flags are built to last –If there’s any advertising product built for the wind it’s the feather flag. These flags are made with a green dye that’s fade resistant, which allows for your flag to last through extreme summers without aging a day. We make all the flags with the best possible quality. It’s apart of our name we have to live up to our name! In all honesty you can use these flags for many years, which also will compliment their ROI potential.

7. Feather flags are really unique –Feather flags are not your everyday advertisement, they’re very unique flags. In marketing it’s good to be unique, it gets you a little more attention as long as it’s not embarrassing. The very fact that these are not your everyday flags is a good reason to get a feather flag!

8. Feather flags send a message – It might be a grand opening, or even lower prices, sometimes it’s a buy one get one free event, whatever it is these flags can communicate a message to the public. This is why we believe they’re great advertising assets for businesses and organizations.

In Conclusion

Advertising is not easy these days, it can be expensive and produce little to no results. Small businesses and organizations with low budgets should really consider feather flag advertising. These flags are low in cost, good looking, tall, unique and they send a message!

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