The Importance of Yard Signs for Home Events

Event Signs

Whenever you hold an event, one thing you must think about is whether or not your guests are going to be able to find the location. However, when these events are held at a home, they may be even harder to find. There are many in-home events that are thrown for various reasons, such as baby or wedding showers, garage sales, open houses or any other type of party or event. No matter what the reason is, you are making the effort and at the very least, hoping to have people show up to it.


Marking the Way

Many people think that simply putting the address on an invitation or announcement is enough for people to end up at the right location. However, there are some definite markers that you can add to the route that will help people to find the right spot. Many people will choose to post signs with arrows or signs, have balloons or other types of signage placed in order to help people to find their way. If you were to just place random event markers around, people may not know what their purpose is for. If you have yard signs placed with the event information highlighted clearly, people will know what they are following. It is also helpful to point out the location really well with signs and balloons, or some things that are easy for those attending to spot. If the actual location is not noticeable, it can lead to people driving right past it without even realizing it.

Adequate Advertising

There are some ways that are more effective than others when letting people know about an event. For occurrences like wedding or baby showers, you don’t have to necessarily post banners and signs letting people know that it is going on and they are welcome to join in on the fun. There are, however, appropriate venues where an open invitation is kosher. Some examples of these would be if you were having a garage sale, an open house when selling your place, or trying to showcase a home business. When there are signs advertising these events, people feel more comfortable to come in and checkout whatever you may have going on; even without an invitation.

Using signs to advertise can be especially important when trying to get a good turnout for a community event or charity fundraiser. It is also important to place more than just a few small signs around the city or neighborhood. Some people believe that the bigger the sign is, the bigger the turnout will be at these functions. Obviously if the sign is bigger, that makes it easier for people to read. You should also choose a large readable font. Make sure that you have signs all over the area you are trying to cover. The more people that see your signs helps to broaden your “potential customer” base. Also, try using a variety of different signs. You will want people to have a warning so that they can have time to plan on attending, so make sure that you are putting on the future date. When the event actually comes, consider putting more signs up to create a sense of urgency. Combining both of these strategies will help to make sure you have the biggest turn out possible.

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