How Feather Flags Can Boost Your Business

Group of Feather Dancer Flags

Feather flags are not new, but more and more businesses are discovering how useful they can be. A good, sturdy feather flag can be a great investment for a business because of how versatile and attractive they are.


What is a Feathered Flag?

Feathered flags stand between 10 and 20 feet high. However, these are not flags in the traditional sense because they are not hung at the top of a flag pole where it must wait for a gust of wind to show off the brand message. Instead, they are attached to a specially shaped pole at multiple points to make sure that everything is displayed clearly while still letting them wave gently in the wind.

Companies can customize their flags to their individual business needs in three basic shapes:

• Tear drop- A bit skewed from the traditional shape with the narrow, pointed area attached to the bottom of the stand with the wider part up at the top.
• Rectangular- One of the wider sides attached to the pole and stand.
• Triangular- A right angled version with the longer side of the 90-degree angle attached to the pole.

Each of these shapes can be advantageous and have more area for text than other forms of signage. When they’re used in the right place, though, they can all catch the eye of potential customers.

Common Uses

These versatile flags can be used for all kinds of events and in a variety of locations.
• Schools may place a few of these around campus with their colors and mascot for game days or the first week of classes.
• Real estate companies and home builders like to place these flags on a home when there is an open house or a model home to show off.
• Small businesses can place these flags around their tables at a convention or trade show to attract people to their tables and booths for more information on their products or services.
• Retail store fronts use feathered flags for advertising a big sale or grand opening of a store.

Advantages of Feathered Flags

Businesses are accustomed to many traditional options, like paper signs, vinyl banners, and other more permanent styles of signage in either wood or metal. Each of these signs is normally picked for each individual event. Each of these has different pros and cons, but feathered flags often have a number of advantages that are making them a very popular option.

A great way to catch someone’s attention whether they are passing by car or foot is having something that is bright colored, stands above the competition, and moves. This is a basic design principle. Our eyes are naturally drawn to location/position, color, and motion. Feathered flags are free to move around while still being visible from most directions, and unlike typical flags, these do not require wind to stand out.

Another advantage of these flags is that they can be easily rearranged to fit the event. If you are at a trade show and the booth next to you is blocking you out, it is easy to rearrange your signs so that you can be seen well. The stands are lighter and easier to move than a heavy wooden or metal sign and don’t require string or tape to hang it up like vinyl or paper banners.

Follow the Money

There are many advantages to having a feathered flag for your business, but the main one is that they also will cost your company less in the long run. A high quality product like this will last a long time, even though it does not cost as much as other options. Whether you’re a large or small business, there are ways to employ these flags – in large or small numbers – to get a lot of attention from potential customers.

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