Ten Creative Banner Design Ideas

Do you feel like your banners are a great outlet for your creativity, or do you find yourself falling back on the same old designs time and time again? Most standard banners only have the message that someone may want to emphasize, like “Congratulations,” “For Sale,” or whatever the banner was created to accentuate. There are different things you can do to make your sign more creative than that, and when you start considering your options, you can really create something memorable.

1. Add an image. You could create a banner with nothing but text, or you could give customers, friends, or visitors something to really stop and look at. There are so many clever ways to tie in an image that’s related to the message. Most banners have plenty of room to place the image behind the text, like a picture of the products you are selling, or off to the side to draw the eye that direction.

If the event is going to be more personal, like a birthday party, you can add a picture of the person everyone is coming to celebrate.

Banner Ideas

This is a great example of turning the entire banner into a fun tribute to an individual and still tying it into the overall theme of the event. Even if the little boy was not on the poster, adding images that are beach-themed makes a banner much more exciting.

2. Make it interesting to look at. The whole point of a banner is to get people to stop and look at it, and you can give them a reason to do so by adding some interesting information. Whether you’re providing the time and place for an even or listing a range of products or services available at the gathering, you don’t have to make it a list of words. Think of different ways you can impart this information in new and creative ways.

3. Add a graphic. Graphics are a great way to add an element of creativity to any sign. They draw the eye and help give life to the sign.
Banner Faith Ideas
The image seen here helps the name of the organization pop off the banner. If you were to walk past a sign like this, the personality in this graphic attracts your attention.

4. Personalize it. Nothing makes a banner more special than a personalized message or image. This will depend a lot on the situation, but if you are making up a sign for a birthday or graduation party, actually putting the name of the guest of honor is a nice gesture. Rather than giving the impression that you pulled out a generic sign, everyone knows that you created it specifically for that night.

5. Bright Colors. There are many options for colors besides changing the background of the banner.

Restaurant Banner IdeaThis restaurant has a sign that commands attention because of the bold, bright colors. It is important to note that the lettering is very dark, which contrasts the colors in the back. This helps to ensure that colors don’t make the text hard to read.

6. Creative lettering. Standard text is fine for most signs, but if you need to take your banner up a notch without going too crazy, have fun with the lettering. The biggest concern with changing up the traditional fonts is that it may hinder someone’s ability to easily read the words. There are all kinds of fonts that are fancy, yet still readable, and you can focus on those.

7. Different sizes. When it comes to choosing the right banner, one size does not fit all. Most businesses require a really big sign to attract the attention of those driving or walking by, while a banner for a baby shower only needs to be big enough to cover the wall above the refreshment table. If you need more than one sign for whatever reason, be creative with them by making them different sizes while still making them work together.

8. Do a series. Businesses will order banners for all kinds of reasons like advertising a sale, showing an open house of some sort, or even for a convention they are attending. The banners that are required for this kind of event generally need to grab the attention of those walking by and give them a reason to stop by and see what you’re offering. In order to attract more attention in a different way, many of these companies will use a series of signs.

Banner Ideas for Products

There are several reasons these banners are so ideal for this setting. The first is that they work together as a group, but could still stand alone if they needed to. The images capture the attention, the numbers add to the message, and the logo up in the top right hand corner ties them all together as a set.

9. Simple creativity. Not all creativity has to be over-the-top to capture attention or be fun.

banner ideas graduation

This sign is a great example of not only being super simple, but is also very creative. The banner perfectly fits a nice graduation party, so all the frills and graphics that some people might add would actually just detract from what is there now.

10. Use humor. One thing that people often gravitate to is a familiar sense of humor. There are rules with trying to go this route, though, to make sure you are reaching the proper audience. It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

• Is your audience going to be offended at your attempt at humor? Clean humor is not only appreciated, but can help you to get new customers while offensive jokes drive away anyone with might not appreciate your low brow jokes.
• Will anyone understand you are making a joke? If the attempt at humor is not understood, the message you send to the consumer may not be the one you intend.
• Is it relevant to your message? A random joke about something that has nothing to do with your banner or your organization or event only confuses people and falls flat.

Be Yourself
Whatever you are making a banner for, you should always make sure it has a personality that reflects your own. The sign will say a lot more than what you write on it, so be creative and have fun with your design.

15 Events That Absolutely Need Custom Signs

If you are hosting an event and want people to attend, advertising is the way to spread the word. Telling a few friends here and there won’t exactly get you the turnout you want for an event. If you want a large crowd, you need a professional sign you can display everywhere. On the other hand, many smaller events require custom signs to make the event feel special. Whether the occasion is intended for a large audience or a little more intimate, there are many events that demand custom signs.

1. Real Estate Open House

The goal of a real estate open house is to get as many people as possible through the home. Open houses will hopefully bring in a buyer for the home as well as additional clients for the realtor. Real estate marketing is 90% local, very few real estate agents will market outside of the area. If they do it’s usually online. To have a successful open house in todays competitive market a real estate agent really needs to push the message through signage. A custom sign makes the event look professional. It can also include specific information like date and time, the realtor’s name and number, and specifics of the home. Potential buyers will feel more confident in the realtor’s ability to help them with their purchase.

Real Estate Custom Sign

2. Yard Sale

Come one, come all. A custom sign is just the ticket to get everyone searching for a deal at your yard sale. A sign with the date, time, and address that points shoppers in the right direction is a must. Many yard sale signs are homemade and often difficult to read. When the weekend comes there are people constantly hunting for yard sales and yard signs are what connects them. If people can’t read your signs at a glance while driving by in a car, they won’t know where the yard sale is located, and you aren’t going to make much extra cash.

Garage Sale Marketing Tips and Advice

3. Wedding Reception

Often wedding receptions bring out-of-town guests so it is helpful to have a few signs guiding guest to the right place. Custom signs are also a nice touch to distinguish certain things within the reception. Wedding receptions aren’t easy to find and they can easily be confused with other parties and events if there are multiple parties going on. Make sure your wedding event has signs pointing the way. Wedding signs can be designed to fit the design of the wedding as well. You can display one with the newly wed couple’s names on it, or another one can be part of the décor such as drinks, desserts, and refreshments. Custom signs make a wedding reception look more elegant and personalized.

Signs for Weddings

4. Grand Openings

Professional signs advertising a grand opening can set the tone for a new business. Custom signs can show potential customers the quality they can expect to get from the store.

5. Community Events

If you want the whole community to come together for an event professional looking signs will not only put the word out, they will get the community excited. A custom sign makes the event look credible. It’s easy for people to forget about community events, signs help them remember and can even show them the way. When at the event, people appreciate signs that are displayed at the event, that signify it’s a real event.

6. School Functions

School activities can be great fundraisers that bring much needed money to schools. Custom signs, especially signs that list sponsors, can encourage people to support the event and help bring funds.

Banners at the Park

7. Neighborhood Activities

Although neighborhood activities may be relatively small functions, custom signs or banners can make the event special. Simply having nice signs around the neighborhood detailing when the event is can result in better attendance and greater anticipation. Block parties, street parties, fireworks shows – they all need signage!

8. Parties

When you host a party you want it to look as good as possible. Special, event-specific banners and signs add to the theme of the party. When tied in with the décor and theme of the party, they can turn a party into a full-blown event.

9. Big Announcements

Big company or personal announcements deserve special attention. Going the extra mile with customized signs helps increase the excitement.

10. Company Meetings

Company meetings are often a place where culture and office life are addressed. Custom banners and signs show employees that their bosses care and are doing their best to be professional and invest in the employees.

11. Conferences and Trade Shows

Special conferences often showcase a company or product. When you are in the spotlight you need to give special attention to details. Nice signs can bring more interest to your booth or company. Trade shows need custom signage or no one will stop at the booth, signs are a really common part of the business world which shows their importance.

12. Promotional Events

This is a company’s time to shine. Promotional events grab a potential customer’s attention. Promotions are also eye-catching to those looking for special deals. High-quality, impressive advertising just might help create repeat customers.

13. Launching New Businesses

First impressions are important to new businesses. You want to create a specific image for your company, and professional signs announcing your business will help establish a classy brand.

14. Campaigning

Working for voter’s approval can be difficult. Obviously political views are what drive votes, however, the method of delivery is also important. Nice signs and banners show voters that you are professional and will give your best to the position. Political signs can have a huge impact on a political campaign.

15. Grand Re-Opening

A grand re-opening is held when a business wants to relaunch or bring attention to new methods and other changes they have made. If you are going to go to the trouble of having a grand re-opening it needs to be impressive. Signs should be professional because everything that draws attention to the event should communicate that the company is excellent and high-quality changes have been made.

In Conclusion

Opting for custom signs and banners over something homemade will make any event look more professional. It shows that the event is important and those hosting it are putting in effort to make it the best they can.

5 Unique Places to Plant Your Flag (or Advertising Banner)

Banner advertising can pay off big time if you place your banner in the right place at the right time. If banners are not in a good place it can make the banner worthless, regardless of how beautiful the design is. Understanding this stresses the vital importance of strategic outdoor marketing. The more strategic you brand is about their outdoor marketing, the stronger and more successful the results.

Banner advertising rules and creativity can apply to other forms of basic outdoor local marketing. Feather flags, kahuna flags, and even yard signs all are great forms of local outdoor marketing that can be uniquely advertised. Each can take on new creative ways to be strategic.

One thing to understand about this day and age of local traditional outdoor advertising is the fact that if you’re very creative you’ll soon notice your display advertising on one of the big social networks, and maybe even all over the internet if you’re really creative.

Here at Quality Sign Designer we decided that we want to show you ways on how to be creative with banners, flags, or even Yard signs. Take a look at what we discoverer!

1. Hot Air Balloon Banner Marketing

Hot Air Balloon Banner Advertising

Hot air balloon businesses are always open to the idea of placing banners on their balloons as long as businesses pay up. This can actually be an incredibly effective way of using banners because everyone notices a hot air balloon. Hot air balloon businesses are difficult to find but they’re out there. Some hot air balloon companies will even let you borrow the balloon for the whole day, this can work really well if you have an event on a Saturday that you want to draw attention too.

2.Street Pole Flag Marketing

Street Pole Marketing

Every city in established city has street poles, some might be just for traffic lights, some for sidewalk lights, and some for just standard street lights. Each city has their own policy with flags on their poles. If your city is willing to charge for flags to be on their poles it can benefit the city in financial ways while help promoting your brand. Businesses in the area sometimes have poles as well for flags, it’s worth it to just ask, you never know. This form of local street marketing can be effective with large quantities of traffic.

3.Sports Field Display Advertising

Baseball Field Display Advertising

High school sports teams across the nation are always pushing to raise more money by selling ad space at their fields. By purchasing banner space at a sports field you’re not only supporting and giving back to the local community but your offering your businesses message in a new area where others will learn about your brand. It may actually surprise you on how many people show up at local fields throughout the whole year. It will also amaze you on how cheap it is to get a sign up on a fence. Call your local city recreation departments or high schools to get started.

4.Banners on Buildings

Signs on a Building

Signs on buildings are everywhere but they work. Businesses in big down town areas will allow for non-competing businesses to buy ad space on their buildings. This happens everywhere and it’s a great way to expose your brand to a new audience in a different area. If you can’t place your business in the most ideal area, this might be a great option for you.

5.Banner Placement at Parks

Banners at the Park

If you have an event where the city is invited for free you can ask the city to permit you to place a sign at one of their parks. If the event is free, and is specifically for the community most cities will work with you. Certain cities might be difficult to work with but it might be worth it.

In Conclusion

There are more creative areas on where you can place banners. Every area is different. Get started today by building a banner with us here at Quality Sign Designer!

Color Rules for Business Designs

Designing advertisements, logos, and brand identities requires a lot of thought. There are many different design rules that will make your brand stand out in the right way, and color is a big part of that. In fact, color is one of the critical components of design and can draw the eye to the most important elements of a piece. No matter what kind of campaign you are pursuing, colors can convey your message to the recipient as clearly as possible.

Brand Identity

Setting a defined color palette is essential for a business that is trying to establish their brand identity. Successful companies need a recognizable design, and that means selecting a number of colors and using them in all their print and digital assets. Company need to keep to these colors because this is how customers and clients will immediately recognize the pallet on different media.

Choose hues and tints from a predetermined grouping to help keep decisions simple, distinct, and less time consuming. You can also limit confusion by clearly defining the colors by name and numerical value.

Logo Design

One of the most critical components of a brand is the company’s logo. Not only does brand recognition hinge on this graphic, but it is something that will be included on all your products, marketing materials, and buildings. Once you put it on so many things, it is not easy to change later on, so the colors you use should be right in line with the rest of your brand.

There are several different rules for logo colors, such as:

• Only use three colors or less. Too many colors make it too busy.
• Use bold or bright colors that fall in line with the branding guide.
• High contrasts can lead to more clarity and better visibility.
• Choose colors that reflect the personality of the business.
• Be unique. Do not choose the same colors as all your competitors

Using simple, relevant designs are the key to having a successful logo.


Billboards are still a useful form of advertising. Choosing the right colors for these displays can be a bit of a challenge because they are bigger and must be seen by people moving really fast. If someone is discovering your company for the first time while driving on the interstate, it is important that they can quickly learn about you within seconds – and even more important that they’ll remember you once they get home.

The best ways to use graphics and colors change a little from the techniques used in a logo. Many believe that since there are so many different billboards along the busy roads that they must use bright colors to catch someone’s attention. However, using really bright background colors merely to draw the eye can sometimes look cheap. Instead, incorporate specific colors to highlight the most important parts of the well-designed ad.

If you are planning to use colorful text against another color of background, some combinations always work better than others. High-contrast colors (light colors used against much darker colors, and vice versa, to enhance readability) are more visible to the average person and can actually improve recall by 38% over competitors who may not pay attention to their color choices.

Direct Mailers

Once again the rule of using no more than three colors applies here, along with keeping things simplistic. People are more likely to open a mailer when it seems familiar, so again, use brand colors. When reading advertisements, people will generally scan the piece of print more than they will sit and study it. In order to optimize the ease of reading, avoid light and neon colors especially in the font. When graphics are made smaller to fit onto a handout, the lighter colors tend to disappear.

Always Be Aware

Many studies have been done on the way colors can influence the way a person feels, which means choosing the right colors is very important for any business designs. If a design is meant to excite, yellow is often the choice. If the advertisement is meant to help put the reader at ease, cooler colors might be used with shades that are softer. If you want the reader to take action of some kind, harsh lines in darker colors can be used in strategic areas, but especially in the contact information.

Being Deliberate Delivers Results

The best thing that you can do is really study out your designs before bringing them to fruition. Try different colors to see what will fit your branding guidelines and the feelings you want to encourage. Hammer out the color details and keep everything simple and, in the end, your message is sure to come across and your business is going to benefit.

The Importance of Yard Signs for Home Events

Whenever you hold an event, one thing you must think about is whether or not your guests are going to be able to find the location. However, when these events are held at a home, they may be even harder to find. There are many in-home events that are thrown for various reasons, such as baby or wedding showers, garage sales, open houses or any other type of party or event. No matter what the reason is, you are making the effort and at the very least, hoping to have people show up to it.


Marking the Way

Many people think that simply putting the address on an invitation or announcement is enough for people to end up at the right location. However, there are some definite markers that you can add to the route that will help people to find the right spot. Many people will choose to post signs with arrows or signs, have balloons or other types of signage placed in order to help people to find their way. If you were to just place random event markers around, people may not know what their purpose is for. If you have yard signs placed with the event information highlighted clearly, people will know what they are following. It is also helpful to point out the location really well with signs and balloons, or some things that are easy for those attending to spot. If the actual location is not noticeable, it can lead to people driving right past it without even realizing it.

Adequate Advertising

There are some ways that are more effective than others when letting people know about an event. For occurrences like wedding or baby showers, you don’t have to necessarily post banners and signs letting people know that it is going on and they are welcome to join in on the fun. There are, however, appropriate venues where an open invitation is kosher. Some examples of these would be if you were having a garage sale, an open house when selling your place, or trying to showcase a home business. When there are signs advertising these events, people feel more comfortable to come in and checkout whatever you may have going on; even without an invitation.

Using signs to advertise can be especially important when trying to get a good turnout for a community event or charity fundraiser. It is also important to place more than just a few small signs around the city or neighborhood. Some people believe that the bigger the sign is, the bigger the turnout will be at these functions. Obviously if the sign is bigger, that makes it easier for people to read. You should also choose a large readable font. Make sure that you have signs all over the area you are trying to cover. The more people that see your signs helps to broaden your “potential customer” base. Also, try using a variety of different signs. You will want people to have a warning so that they can have time to plan on attending, so make sure that you are putting on the future date. When the event actually comes, consider putting more signs up to create a sense of urgency. Combining both of these strategies will help to make sure you have the biggest turn out possible.

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