Take Your Booth to the Next Level With Professional Trade Show Displays

trade show displays

Trade shows are a great way to network with potential clients and business partners. With competition so high, succeeding at a trade show can depend on many factors. The most important part of a trade show is getting visitors to your booth and professional trade show displays that garner attention are one of the best ways to achieve that goal. There are many types of trade show displays to choose from and the right choice in style varies for each organization.

Pop Up Display

For organizations that want to create a large, compelling visual, the Pop Up Display is an excellent option. This trade show display has an accordion frame that presents the high-definition graphics vividly. The display cloth covers the front and sides of the frame for a clean, professional look. Because this is a tensional system, the display cloth will always appear smooth and taut, never wrinkled. This display not only compels attendees to visit your booth, it keeps them engaged when they visit. With plenty of canvas area, organizations can display important information, company achievements, and much more.

pop up display for trade shows

Step & Repeat Backdrop

Similar to the Pop Up display, the Step & Repeat Backdrop is a large trade show display that operates both as an attention-getter and a large space to display information. The Step & Repeat frame has telescoping poles, allowing it to display banners of various sizes. With limited space at trade show booths, the versatility of the Step & Repeat is a convenient feature.

Step & repeat backdrop for trade shows

Retractable Banner Stand

Large trade show displays like the Pop Up and Step & Repeat are ideal as backdrops at trade shows where employees can stand in front of them. For organizations that have information they want to display to visitors right up front, smaller signage options are vital. The Retractable Banner Stand provides a sleek appearance without taking up too much space. Place a Retractable Banner Stand up front in your booth so visitors can read necessary information without any obstructions. Tell the attendees who you are and what services you provide on this display, so it is the first thing they read. This stand is also ideal for instances where physical space is limited. The Retractable Banner Stand has a small footprint and will display information boldly, while taking up minimal space.

retractable banner stand for trade shows

Adjustable Banner Stand

Similar to the Retractable Banner Stand, the Adjustable Banner Stand is a professional trade show display that takes up minimal space. The Adjustable Banner Stand comes with the added convenience of adjustable sizing to display various sized banners. The tripod frame design has telescoping arms that can extend or compact easily to display the necessary banner. This trade show display is an excellent way to state your organization name, services provided, and any other relevant introductory information.

For organizations displaying dynamic information requiring occasional updates to signage, we recommend the Adjustable Banner Stand and Retractable Banner Stand. Replacing the banners on these two stands is more affordable than larger displays like the Pop Up Display and Step & Repeat Backdrop. If your organization expects to replace their banners to include updated information, we recommend keeping information that remains constant on the larger display options, and the more specific, ever-changing information on the Retractable Banner Stand or Adjustable Banner Stand.

adjustable banner stand for tradeshows

Using a blend of these trade show display products is ideal when introducing your organization to potential clients. Use the Retractable Banner Stand or Adjustable Banner Stand at the front of your booth to let attendees know who you are and what you do as a company. This could spark the curiosity of someone and motivate them to read further or speak with you. Use the Pop Up Display or Step & Repeat Backdrop to provide more specific information that will act as support during your discussion with the visitor. For some organizations a large visual of your services might be suitable, and for others a bulleted list of information may be useful—it will depend on your business and trade show goals. No matter what your goals are, any of these trade show display options will help take your trade show booth to the next level.

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