Banner Designing Tips and Best Practices for the Beginner

When you’re planning an event, one of the best ways to attract attention is through the use of banners and signs. However, in order for you to catch the eye of your customer, you have to be able to create something that is… wait for it… eye catching. If you haven’t received your degree in design yet, no worries. Here is a quick rundown of some of the best practices for the beginning banner designer.

On sale

You will need to know what type of people you want to attract with your banners or signs. The tone of your signs should reflect not only in your message, but to the people you want to catch the attention of. If you want to be taken as a professional, then your design should match that in the best possible manner. Don’t get carried away with your choices. The most common rule in banner design is to keep it simple. Whoever your audience is, more than likely you will only have a few brief seconds of their attention. Give them something that is easy to remember.

Choose Your Size

Choosing your size depends on where you plan to put up your finished project. If you are in a large space or outdoors, then you may want a bigger design. In smaller venues, such as a home or front yard, you may want to be more conservative with your overall sizes.

Color Scheme

The colors you choose for your design can say a lot about what message you are hoping to get across. If you are opening a new business, you may want to use louder, bright colors to attract the attention of potential customers. On the other hand, if you are creating a more conservative sign or banner, you may want to stick to the basic primary colors. No matter what colors you choose, certain schemes go together better than others, so use good judgment with your color palette. Also, if you are adding a number or website, choose a different color to highlight that bit of text. This small trick will bring the customer’s eyes to that area and increases the likelihood for them to remember it.


There are a lot of pretty fonts to use, but despite how gorgeous they may seem, they may be an eyesore in your design. Use a font for your text that is bold, clear and easy to read. Make sure your text is large enough to be seen wherever you place it.  Keep the wording simple. If you need to write a novel, then you’re heading down the wrong street. You want your design to be able to communicate its message and still stand out in a crowd.

Be Original

Don’t be afraid to stand out in your design. A lot of businesses will use the old reliable clip art and color schemes when building out their banners. Here’s where you can use any creativity you have and stand out from the rest. You may realize that you don’t need a picture in the first place. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path. Your originality may be the attracting feature to a potential customer or client.

Durability and Placement

If your banner or sign is going to be outside, you want to make sure it’s made and kept in place with materials that are resistant to any force of nature. The longer your sign can keep up its appearance outside, the more chance it has to be seen. Look for spots that may add in the lasting value of your banner, and most importantly: put it somewhere it will be seen.

If you are still having questions or need help, ask the professionals. Quality Sign Designer has created an easy-to-use “Design Your Own” template with everything we think you’ll need. Should you have any questions, feel free to watch one of our video tutorials or contact us directly.

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