5 Reasons Why Flags Increase Sales

Promotions are so common in today’s world at times they might feel abused and sometimes they really are abused by businesses. As humans we love the concept that of getting more for less. Businesses on the other hand are just as human and they love the concept of getting more from customers while giving less. With customers wanting more for less, and businesses wanting more for less from customers it can sometimes feel like a financial war.

Great Looking Flags
Promotions are how businesses and customers meet in the middle. The promotion has been going on ever since people have been trading things. It most likely will not end. How promotions are marketed to the public has changed. Today in our modern world businesses are constantly promoting with signs and other forms of visual advertising. The competition for most fragmented industries is now more competitive than ever before. Businesses need to be creative and use a good strategy on how they promote.

Using custom flags to market a promotion is a great idea. Flags are perfect marketing assets. They do many things that help promote a new product or sale.

  1. Flags Create Excitement – Excitement creates movement which can translate into purchases. The human eye loves the thought or appearance of excitement. We’re attracted to excitement. Promotions should be designed to create excitement. The very fact that the customer will now get something very valuable for less than what the product is worth is exciting. Use custom designed flags to create excitement.
  2. Flags Capture Attention – A promotion is dead if no one knows about it. Promotions are designed to bring in more people and more purchases. Flags help bring in more visitors which can lead to more purchases. Whether if you’re driving or walking when you see a group of flags it will subconsciously capture your attention, it happens to all of us more often then we know. It’s important to remember – to always place the flags in front of your traffic and audience. If you don’t the flags are pointless. Bring in more attention to your promotion by placing more flags in front of your traffic.
  3. Flags Establish the Fact That it’s a Promotion – People don’t always read the signs. They don’t always know you’re having a sale. Flags are a great way to notify your audience that it is a sale you’re having. Not everyone reads their promotional emails, but if they’re driving by and they see the flags, it will help them know a promotion is going on. We’re a promotion hungry people, but we don’t always know if a promotion is going on. It’s important to notify your audience that a promotion is going on by advertising with custom flags.
  4. Flags are Affordable – Whether if it’s a feather flag, a vertical flag, or even just your standard horizontal flag, they’re affordable. If you spend too much to promote your promotion it will kill the profits. What’s the point of having a promotion if you kill your profits? Flags are easy to install, they aren’t expensive. They have a good ROI because of the affordability. This is why they should be used for promotions.Promotional Sales Flags
  5. Flags Can Be Used Many Times – Not only are flags inexpensive but they can be used for promotions for many years to come. Fade resistant flags are what we sell, and these help protect the flag from being destroyed in the sun. These flags can honestly last the test of time. When flags can last for many promotions, they can build a solid ROI. Making them safe investments.


Flags are affordable, they last the test of time, and they work really well at creating excitement which gets attention. It can be honestly any flag. There are many types of flags. The best flags for businesses are the feather flags because they’re the biggest, which helps when you’re trying to capture a large audience. If you’re going to have a promotion soon, go ahead and get started with a new flag today!

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