200 Denier Dupont Solarmax Nylon – How Good is This Material for Flags?

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200 Denier Dupont Solarmax Nylon – How Good is This Material for Flags?

The best flags all across the world use a denier nylon material. This material is most commonly used with flag manufacturers because the material is very light. The lack of weight gives it a stronger ability to fly with light wind breezes.

Denier – Denier is a french word meaning a unit of weight. For every 9000 meters of yarn the material is equal to weighing one gram. Denier also represents the quality or ‘fineness’ of the material. With some clothing lines they measure the thickness of the clothing by the denier. For example with tights, the denier might be 120, or 200, a 200 denier tight is considered thicker.

Dupont Solarmax – In 1996 DuPont introduced the DuPont Solarmax Nylon. It receives its name Solarmax for its ability to hold strong against ultraviolet sun rays. This material is designed to be a light fabric with a very superior performance. For flags there is no better material on the market. Some can argue that other silk materials can make for great flags, although they may look great, the flag will be heavier in weight and will most likely not be able to take any extreme weather that most areas of the world encounter.

Nylon –The nylon fabric is very thin and is among the lightest yarns. The elastic synthetic polymer protein like structure enables the material to be strong. The fabric is not only known for its thin strength but its ability to be flexible and to not mold with water.

200 Denier Dupont Solarmax Nylon

When it all comes together this material makes the best quality flag. The colors are able to be vibrant and the material is strong with impressive flexibility. Here at Quality Sign Designer we’re passionate about offering the best material made products for the lowest price. Browse our flags today online and see for yourself!


  1. Hello I’m a flag maker in Arizona. We purchase this product. We also purchase insignia cloth for our stars. May I apply for a quote that I may be able to buy wholesale?

    1. Hi Joe. We currently do not have wholesale pricing setup yet. Sorry about that. I saw on your site that you guys produce Custom Applique Flags which we do not offer. We get those requests on occasion and only have two other vendors we’ve been referring them to. Next time we’ll start adding your site to those referrals. Thanks.

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