15 Events That Absolutely Need Custom Signs

Real Estate Custom Sign

If you are hosting an event and want people to attend, advertising is the way to spread the word. Telling a few friends here and there won’t exactly get you the turnout you want for an event. If you want a large crowd, you need a professional sign you can display everywhere. On the other hand, many smaller events require custom signs to make the event feel special. Whether the occasion is intended for a large audience or a little more intimate, there are many events that demand custom signs.

1. Real Estate Open House

The goal of a real estate open house is to get as many people as possible through the home. Open houses will hopefully bring in a buyer for the home as well as additional clients for the realtor. Real estate marketing is 90% local, very few real estate agents will market outside of the area. If they do it’s usually online. To have a successful open house in todays competitive market a real estate agent really needs to push the message through signage. A custom sign makes the event look professional. It can also include specific information like date and time, the realtor’s name and number, and specifics of the home. Potential buyers will feel more confident in the realtor’s ability to help them with their purchase.

Real Estate Custom Sign

2. Yard Sale

Come one, come all. A custom sign is just the ticket to get everyone searching for a deal at your yard sale. A sign with the date, time, and address that points shoppers in the right direction is a must. Many yard sale signs are homemade and often difficult to read. When the weekend comes there are people constantly hunting for yard sales and yard signs are what connects them. If people can’t read your signs at a glance while driving by in a car, they won’t know where the yard sale is located, and you aren’t going to make much extra cash.

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3. Wedding Reception

Often wedding receptions bring out-of-town guests so it is helpful to have a few signs guiding guest to the right place. Custom signs are also a nice touch to distinguish certain things within the reception. Wedding receptions aren’t easy to find and they can easily be confused with other parties and events if there are multiple parties going on. Make sure your wedding event has signs pointing the way. Wedding signs can be designed to fit the design of the wedding as well. You can display one with the newly wed couple’s names on it, or another one can be part of the décor such as drinks, desserts, and refreshments. Custom signs make a wedding reception look more elegant and personalized.

Signs for Weddings

4. Grand Openings

Professional signs advertising a grand opening can set the tone for a new business. Custom signs can show potential customers the quality they can expect to get from the store.

5. Community Events

If you want the whole community to come together for an event professional looking signs will not only put the word out, they will get the community excited. A custom sign makes the event look credible. It’s easy for people to forget about community events, signs help them remember and can even show them the way. When at the event, people appreciate signs that are displayed at the event, that signify it’s a real event.

6. School Functions

School activities can be great fundraisers that bring much needed money to schools. Custom signs, especially signs that list sponsors, can encourage people to support the event and help bring funds.

Banners at the Park

7. Neighborhood Activities

Although neighborhood activities may be relatively small functions, custom signs or banners can make the event special. Simply having nice signs around the neighborhood detailing when the event is can result in better attendance and greater anticipation. Block parties, street parties, fireworks shows – they all need signage!

8. Parties

When you host a party you want it to look as good as possible. Special, event-specific banners and signs add to the theme of the party. When tied in with the décor and theme of the party, they can turn a party into a full-blown event.

9. Big Announcements

Big company or personal announcements deserve special attention. Going the extra mile with customized signs helps increase the excitement.

10. Company Meetings

Company meetings are often a place where culture and office life are addressed. Custom banners and signs show employees that their bosses care and are doing their best to be professional and invest in the employees.

11. Conferences and Trade Shows

Special conferences often showcase a company or product. When you are in the spotlight you need to give special attention to details. Nice signs can bring more interest to your booth or company. Trade shows need custom signage or no one will stop at the booth, signs are a really common part of the business world which shows their importance.

12. Promotional Events

This is a company’s time to shine. Promotional events grab a potential customer’s attention. Promotions are also eye-catching to those looking for special deals. High-quality, impressive advertising just might help create repeat customers.

13. Launching New Businesses

First impressions are important to new businesses. You want to create a specific image for your company, and professional signs announcing your business will help establish a classy brand.

14. Campaigning

Working for voter’s approval can be difficult. Obviously political views are what drive votes, however, the method of delivery is also important. Nice signs and banners show voters that you are professional and will give your best to the position. Political signs can have a huge impact on a political campaign.

15. Grand Re-Opening

A grand re-opening is held when a business wants to relaunch or bring attention to new methods and other changes they have made. If you are going to go to the trouble of having a grand re-opening it needs to be impressive. Signs should be professional because everything that draws attention to the event should communicate that the company is excellent and high-quality changes have been made.

In Conclusion

Opting for custom signs and banners over something homemade will make any event look more professional. It shows that the event is important and those hosting it are putting in effort to make it the best they can.

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