5 Unique Places to Plant Your Flag (or Advertising Banner)

Hot Air Balloon Banner Advertising

Banner advertising can pay off big time if you place your banner in the right place at the right time. If banners are not in a good place it can make the banner worthless, regardless of how beautiful the design is. Understanding this stresses the vital importance of strategic outdoor marketing. The more strategic you brand is about their outdoor marketing, the stronger and more successful the results.

Banner advertising rules and creativity can apply to other forms of basic outdoor local marketing. Feather flags, kahuna flags, and even yard signs all are great forms of local outdoor marketing that can be uniquely advertised. Each can take on new creative ways to be strategic.

One thing to understand about this day and age of local traditional outdoor advertising is the fact that if you’re very creative you’ll soon notice your display advertising on one of the big social networks, and maybe even all over the internet if you’re really creative.

Here at Quality Sign Designer we decided that we want to show you ways on how to be creative with banners, flags, or even Yard signs. Take a look at what we discoverer!

1. Hot Air Balloon Banner Marketing

Hot Air Balloon Banner Advertising

Hot air balloon businesses are always open to the idea of placing banners on their balloons as long as businesses pay up. This can actually be an incredibly effective way of using banners because everyone notices a hot air balloon. Hot air balloon businesses are difficult to find but they’re out there. Some hot air balloon companies will even let you borrow the balloon for the whole day, this can work really well if you have an event on a Saturday that you want to draw attention too.

2.Street Pole Flag Marketing

Street Pole Marketing

Every city in established city has street poles, some might be just for traffic lights, some for sidewalk lights, and some for just standard street lights. Each city has their own policy with flags on their poles. If your city is willing to charge for flags to be on their poles it can benefit the city in financial ways while help promoting your brand. Businesses in the area sometimes have poles as well for flags, it’s worth it to just ask, you never know. This form of local street marketing can be effective with large quantities of traffic.

3.Sports Field Display Advertising

Baseball Field Display Advertising

High school sports teams across the nation are always pushing to raise more money by selling ad space at their fields. By purchasing banner space at a sports field you’re not only supporting and giving back to the local community but your offering your businesses message in a new area where others will learn about your brand. It may actually surprise you on how many people show up at local fields throughout the whole year. It will also amaze you on how cheap it is to get a sign up on a fence. Call your local city recreation departments or high schools to get started.

4.Banners on Buildings

Signs on a Building

Signs on buildings are everywhere but they work. Businesses in big down town areas will allow for non-competing businesses to buy ad space on their buildings. This happens everywhere and it’s a great way to expose your brand to a new audience in a different area. If you can’t place your business in the most ideal area, this might be a great option for you.

5.Banner Placement at Parks

Banners at the Park

If you have an event where the city is invited for free you can ask the city to permit you to place a sign at one of their parks. If the event is free, and is specifically for the community most cities will work with you. Certain cities might be difficult to work with but it might be worth it.

In Conclusion

There are more creative areas on where you can place banners. Every area is different. Get started today by building a banner with us here at Quality Sign Designer!

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