Art Requirements

Inappropriate Artwork

We reserve the right to refuse orders containing inappropriate, hateful, unpatriotic, lewd, obscene, political or otherwise offensive designs.

Preloaded Artwork Elements

Besides creating artwork for your products with our online design tool. We also have several artwork elements that you can choose from. Adding text, setting fonts and colors is simple. Choose from 1000’s of clip art or add your own digital files.

Uploading Digital Files

We can work with most any graphics file format. Formats we prefer are:

  • eps – Postscript
  • ai – Adobe Illustrator® (convert TEXT to outlines and save as eps or pdf before uploading)
  • pdf – Acrobat
  • cdr – CorelDRAW® (convert TEXT to curves)
  • wmf – Windows Meta File
  • gif – Bitmap
  • jpg – Bitmap
  • bmp – Bitmap
  • tif – Bitmap
  • png – Bitmap

If your software isn’t listed above, most programs will export in one of the formats above. Please remember to convert any text to curves since Fonts tend to vary from user to user.

What is the minimum DPI I can use?

We recommend not using any less than 100 DPI

Having Questions Understanding the Difference of Each Digital File?

Learn about the difference between each file by clicking here!

Important – Please click here to review our Art Requirements regarding Inappropriate Artwork.